Santa is on his way!

4 days people, 4 days until Santa comes!  I can't wait! The presents are wrapped. The tree is trimmed. The house is decorated. And the cookies are ready for delivery. Wishing you and yours all the best this holiday season.


The festive fit continues

I'm looking back on the holidays past and have found some really cool projects I'd like to revisit.  Join me on a walk down a snowy memory lane, will you? I made this delicious Nordic Ware Gingerbread Cake and it came out of the fancy pan perfectly, once!  The next time, it ended up cubed …

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My friend made me do it.

Last week I asked if I should start bullet journaling.  Well, the truth of matter is, I was already stalking bujo (the in-the-know- way of saying bullet journal) sites and videos before I asked the question.  I was poking around because a friend and I were wondering where we should go now that we have …

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