Chain letter, really?

I got hit by the Black & White Photo Challenge on Facebook.  I caved and played along, but I didn’t feel the need to harness that type of responsibility to anyone by nominating them to join in.

I picked seven photos that really represent me and what I love about this craft, so I thought I would share them here, in B&W and color.  Let’s see which ones we like better, shall we?








100_2117 (3)

100_2117 (2)

Did Bruce Lee know what he was talking about, or what?  These photographs show me that my materials, tools, art, and eye are all unique to me, and that is just about the greatest thing.  It may be more important than I realized to look back at what I have created.  Thanks are due to the Facebook gods of modern day chain letters for helping me see, but they shouldn’t necessarily count on me to play along again any time soon.

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Ho Ho Holy Moly!



Each year, every Christmas commercial I see before Thanksgiving, I vow off that store/company for the season.  No one is getting a Lexus from me this year, or anything from Target, or who ever else can’t hold it together long enough to actually make it to the holiday season before bombarding us with the tinsel and greed.

Well folks, I’m a hypocrite. I’ve been making Christmas cards and things that I imagine folks will buy as holiday gifts for awhile now; with total disregard for my strict ban on preseason holiday extravaganzas.

I can kind of accept this hypocrisy because I’m a small business, my customers are mostly pretty local,  (Arizona is my farthest customer to date.  Shout out to Tuscon!) and I’m not blitzing the world with buy now, spend more advertisements.

Except, this one.  I’m making Christmas cards now, and am happy to help you cross that task off your list.  Here are a few of the designs I’ve got going, but I am really happy to make just about anything.

You can also find me at the Mascoma High School Holiday Fair in Canaan, NH on Saturday, November 25th.

Customer Service Representatives are standing by!


Rubber stamps by Tim Holtz and Stampin’ Up.

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A cozy autumnal distraction

It’s been on my list for a long time.  You know, that list, the one with all those things you want to try but you don’t give yourself time to do? I’m doing it, I’m crossing something off that darn thing.

I’m knitting my first sweater!

I’ve done a fair amount of knitting; hats, scarves, socks, even a pair of mittens, but I couldn’t get my head wrapped around a sweater.  Until now.  The most recent issue of Knitting Traditions magazine (Fall, 2017) has patterns inspired by the 19th century, and my sweater was in there!  Love at first site!  Fitted, v-neck, kind of funky, but classic at the same time.  You can find out more about this pattern and all the others in this issue on Ravelry.

One stumbling block for me with the sweater has been the commitment to that much yarn.  But, this pattern recommends the most beautiful Superwash 100% merino from the Neighborhood Fiber Studio, good enough to eat, for sure.  Look!




I’m waiting for a few sets of needles to arrive (maybe today!), and I have to ball up the hanks, and I’m off!

We talked about inner zeal, or Tapas, at yoga class today.  Tapas is one of the Niyamas that encourages you to use the light, or fire within to light your way.  I am going to run with this idea and light the heck out of this project.  I am finding some excitement here that I have been missing.  Let’s hope this sweater project can point me in a direction that catapults me onward.  I am ready to see where it will take me.

What projects have you been putting off?  Let’s use our inner zeal together, even if it’s just on that giant pile of dirty dishes!

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Wishing you all a . . .

Happy Halloween!


Eat all the candy!  Love all those costumed kids!  And of course, Witch it up!

(Rubber stamp from Stampin’ Up.)

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A successful fair day

We had such a blast at the Orange Harvest Festival this year.  The weather cooperated (no snow), the set up crew not only loaned us, but pre-set a table for us (so nice), and there were lots of shoppers!

I am really happy with how this year’s evolution of my table layout shaped up.  I know it’s not perfect, but it is getting there.  It is a little aggravating when you know you shouldn’t put all your stuff out at once because it is too crowded, but you love every little thing you’ve made and you don’t want anyone to miss the perfect thing because it isn’t out there.  There must be a happy medium out there, maybe I’ll find it one day.


The best sellers this year were Post-it note cozies and  Garlands.  That means, back to the grind stone for me (what a great problem to have)!  Thanks to everyone who came out and said hi!

As always thanks to Dylusions, Dina Wakely, Stampin’ Up, Tim Holtz, and all those paper companies out there who make this so much fun!

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Vacation means work!

Sometimes, anyway.  And by work, I mean having fun creating products for my upcoming craft fairs.  Today I spent a lovely, cloudy day making dot grid paper notebooks with sewn bindings.  I had great luck with a similar notebook last year, so I thought I would put a new, bullet journal style twist on it and fill them with dot grid for all my customer bujo needs.


The other change from last year is this time around, I used my sewing machine to bind them instead of a hand bound method.  I really like the industrial, streamline look.

I think this batch might get a few embellishments, but they are pretty much ready to bag, price, and label for this Sunday’s event, the Orange, NH Fall Harvest Festival.

The Orange Harvest Festival is a fun day full of live music, local artisans, delicious home cooked soups and stews, and a fundraising raffle to benefit the scholarship that the town awards yearly to a graduating senior.  If you are anywhere near close on Sunday, October 15, check it out from 10 am to 3 pm, you won’t regret it!


One of us will be there, come say hi!


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World Card Making Day is coming!

This Saturday, October 7, is World Card Making Day and I say huzzah!  Get out that card stock and stamps and get to it!


Send a card to your Mom, like I did (Happy Birthday, Mom), send one to your favorite niece or nephew, send one to your secret crush!  Just send one.

It doesn’t have to have some major declaration inside, maybe “Hi, I’m thinking about you” is enough.  Maybe just “Hi.”

It doesn’t have to be fancy.  Just grab some paper out of your recycling bin,

fold it, grab a marker, make a design, and write or draw something inside.  Then, grab another piece of paper and wrap it around the first one, give it an address and a stamp and you’re good to go!

This Saturday, give yourself a minute or two away from your to do list.  Send a card.  Make someone’s day.

Parts List: Ferris Wheel Birthday Card: stamps from Stampin’ Up.  Awesome Monkey Card: Artist Card Aaron Kovalcsik, paper bag,  front of silver envelope, and scraps of wrapping paper. (Seriously, right out of the recycling bin.)

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