New products, new shop!

Over the Christmas season I was approached with a custom order. A weaver from the co-operative art gallery I belong to, Artistic Roots, wanted notebooks to give as gifts to their weaving friends. They wanted me to work my collage magic, but the pages had be graph paper. Turns out, weavers love graph paper — it’s much preferred for creating patterns and designs. So, in the interest of science, I researched graph paper, from the history of the stuff (first created and patented in the late 1700s) to the different size squares (quads and so on) and purchased several brands to make sure I had a product I could get behind.

The note books were a success and in fact, turned into a second order of more graph paper notebooks.

I was left with a lot of graph paper burning a hole in my pocket, and I decided to create some smaller graph paper books that folks could use for their own design projects, or for game night score keeping, or treasure maps, you know, whatever.

I am excited to report that my notebooks and cards can now be found a little closer to home. My friend Jen has opened a shop right around the corner, Vintage and Blooms, filled with gorgeous art, found items, and a complete florist’s shop. If you are ever in my neck of the woods, you must stop in to meet Jen and check out all the amazing items, including notebooks and cards by yours truly.

When I’m on a roll . . .

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