Inspired by the sun

We’ve just gone through a strangely warm week here. Lots of snow melt, I only needed one jacket layer to walk to work, and taking the dog outside for her morning constitutional was quite enjoyable. This sneak peek of spring got me thinking about the sun, and a few minutes cleaning up the studio uncovered this cool sparkly and shiny paper. A circle punch and a dip into the scrap paper bin and voila, the sun has made it to these notebook covers.

The sun has also inspired me to start cleaning up around here. We put away all the window lights and took down the winter wreaths.

I’ve also committed to removing 25 items from our house every week, I’m not sure for how long, but for now I’m quite motivated to eliminate things we just don’t need any more. I’m looking for some breathing room, and I am imagining, the fewer things we own, the more time we can spend enjoying each other. Makes sense to me.

We have also gotten very close to finishing up a bathroom addition. Our 1820’s home didn’t have an upstairs bathroom. We had been using an attic/storage area as our laundry room, and now we have a full bathroom + laundry room. It’s fantastic! Not having to walk downstairs in the dark in the middle of the night is kind of a miracle. Our friend/neighbor/contractor that did our big house project a few years ago again has put his talent into this project. We have also just found out that the remodeling of our downstairs bathroom will begin in March!

The bathroom project has included amazing things like light switches that turn on outdoor lights, front entry way lights, and stairway lights. Have I mentioned that we live in a very old house? Light switches are a gift!

I also feel like have some projects completed around the house has given me the bandwidth to do some creative play. Here are a few shots of some cigar box assemblages I’ve been working on. They’re fun. I’m not sure they’re complete, but I have been enjoying them sitting on my book shelf.

Here’s hoping the spring energy has arrived for you and you are able to take advantage of it. Soak up some of that sun power!

2 thoughts on “Inspired by the sun

  1. Sue Clarke

    The assemblages are cute and the light one is precious. This is my first time here and I bought some of your cards in Plymouth back in January.
    They are witty and very well made.

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