I made some stuff.

I pulled out some tools I haven't used in a while; my stencils and vintage alphabet stamps. Having my trusty friends around me helped spark my creativity in a way that the crummy weather has not. I dig this Scout and feel his confidence. This gang looks ready to rule the world. You are, you …

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Snow storm equals work day

The Great British Baking Showing is my jam (ha!). Well, day two of making Christmas cards is at least feeling a little more festive.  Snow has a way of doing that.  I won't bring out the balsam candles and candy canes just yet (let's get through next week, shall we? I will be setting up …

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Sometimes, even a latte can’t help.

Honest post time.  Sometimes there is just not enough time in the day. I was hoping to get this new batch of fabulously sparkly garlands finished in time to photograph today, but that is not happening. I did all my real life stuff like groceries, shopping for work clothes, picking up a prescription, gassing up …

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