Scrap box time and intentional living.

Every once in a while I decide to just stamp some images, or mix patterned papers together, or make up a bunch of card backs.  When it gets to a point that I can’t see my desk, all this stuff eventually ends up in my scrap box (and/or basket, and/or repurposed plant pot, and/or plastic tub; you get the idea).

Today I went to the shelves and pulled out this puppy!

DSC00974And after I shook it around awhile, here’s what came out!

DSC00971DSC00970DSC00969DSC00968DSC00966DSC00965DSC00962DSC00963DSC00964Stamps from Stampin’ Up, Deep Red, Graphic 45, and apologies for those I can’t remember.

Here’s the other puppy, longing to be outside on this glorious day (soon Thora, very soon!).


Here’s the intentional living bit:

We had a substitute yoga instructor today, and while my expectations for what class would hold for me did not materialize, I came out of there feeling great!  She asked us to set an intention for our time together, and since I was feeling a little in a swirl about the unexpected change, I just told myself to go with the flow and get loose.   Intention can help. Every time I found myself starting to say “that’s not how we normally do things”, I countered with, “Amy, get loose, go with the flow”.  I’m going to try to keep up with that intention for the rest of the day, who knows what I might accomplish?

We gotta let go sometimes, folks.  What kinds of things help you stayed centered on this idea, it might be a very good time to share.

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