Sit still in the whirlwind.

Today I had images of majestic, deep, swirling waves and lines.  Dark, visually dense colors that would mean something, you know, Something.  Capital S. Create I said.  Be important I said.  Make something impressive I said.

Materials: Liquidtex acrylics, Dina Wakely Gesso, Gelli Arts plate, and Speedball Roller.

I got bubbles.  Cute, vibrant, fun bubbles.  Not quite the dramatic look I was going for.

Why did this come today?  I think I needed to lighten up.  Who seriously goes out to create something important, and succeeds the first time?  Maybe you shouldn’t be able to know what it is, maybe that’s for someone else to figure out.  Maybe we are supposed to just take the time that is given to sit still in the whirlwind.  Let our minds grab a breathe.  Just get our hands dirty.  Not care what comes up, or out.


Maybe these prints and canvas will stay bubbly.  Maybe they will become Something.  Maybe bubbles are something.


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