The fourth Brahmavihara; Upeksha

The fourth and final of the Four Sublime Attitudes is Upeksha, or remaining impartial to the faults and imperfections of others.


Well.  This is often easier said then done.  This page (on the right, created with Tim Holtz and dylusions stencils and stamps) from my art journal illustrates this attitude in two ways.  I can see myself in the figure, full of all the anger, negative thoughts, judgments, recommendations, and advice, I am dying to share with those who “need” to hear it.


I can also see the others, full of their own faults, who don’t have a breath to think about their growth towards equanimity at this moment.  This is the way to see this page, that person is dealing with their own junk, they don’t need me to “help” them.  Let’s let everyone be their own imperfect selves.

This study of the Brahmaviharas has opened my eyes to the idea that we all can be contributing to the idea of loving kindness, even on a very basic level.  No need to be meditating for an hour everyday (unless you can, then, right on!), just take some moments throughout the day to breath and think upon the ideas of friendliness, compassion, celebrating the good in others, and being impartial.  Bringing these ideas into your mind and heart might encourage you to see the outside world differently, and will certainly give yourself permission to see the good in yourself.

I’ve had fun sharing these concepts that I’m learning in yoga class.  It has given me focus in creating my art, and it has helped me to solidify some of these ideas and how they relate to me.  Thanks!  What inspires your lives and art?


Thora recognizes the light within you, Namaste.

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