Garden inspiration and peaches!

It’s a lovely day here, with hints of autumn being right around the corner.  The pup and I spent some time getting a few snaps of the gardens for drawing and color inspirations for those days when it will be too cold to be out.

We have a bumper crop of apples this year, look how bent our tree is from the apply goodness!



This is the first year that we’ve gotten pears on our pear trees.  We planted them just about 10 years ago, and we kind of thought it might never happen; but look!  Pears!  Eight pears to be exact!



We also have cranberries (American Viburnum), and a few flowers still in bloom giving some pops of color.  I’m also really intrigued by the shabby color on this fallen birdhouse, and the pattern in the brick walkway I uncovered and relaid.  I’m thinking some of these images might end up reinterpreted onto a canvas or two.

We also had a brilliant gift from one of my brothers – peaches!!! Delicious, juicy, now frozen and ready for smoothies and pies all winter, peaches!


All this yummy inspiration has got me thinking about a few things:  Should I be bullet journaling?  What new products can I get ready for my autumn/winter fairs?  Will my desk ever be and stay clean and organized?  Is an etsy shop really in my future?

Here’s what’s on Thora’s mind:  Can I eat that?  Can we go out and play?  While we’re outside playing, can I eat that?


What’s on your mind these days?  Are you ready to start cosying up at home, or still out on a grand summer adventure?  Let me know what’s on your mind, maybe we can share!



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