Festive Craft Challenge

I’m feeling the need to be crafty. Well, I guess I always feel that way, but today, I feel a hint of jingle, and a touch of balsam scented candle in that need.  I want to make something, if not totally Christmas, at least wintry.

I checked this book out of the library last week:

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Scandi Christmas: over 45 projects and quick ideas for beautiful decorations & gifts by Christiane Bellstedt Myers.  Photography by Caroline Arber


It is packed with all sorts of great photographs and ideas for making your Christmas holiday beautiful and natural, and I think with items a lot of us might just have around the house.  I am going to try one of the “Quick Ideas”, Anise Wreath.

The materials I’ll need are: thin florist’s wire, star anise, and a pretty ribbon.  The tools to make this happen are a hot glue gun, wire snips, and scissors.


Make a wire loop:


Hot glue star anise (yes, I did have these in my cupboard from some long ago forgotten recipe, for a mulled toddy most likely) to the loop:


Tie on pretty ribbon and voila!:


Hang on front of hutch, or door knob, or wall, etc., etc. . .


Maybe don’t hang it on the dog:


I’m really happy with how this wreath turned out and how easy it was to pull together.  After collecting my materials and tools the night before, it probably only took me 15 minutes to come away with a completed project.  I think it would be really nice with the addition of a cinnamon stick. It would make a nice gift on its own, or to boost it up, maybe pair it with a bottle of cider.   It could certainly be made in a mini version and used in your wrapping arsenal.  My mind is churning with ideas!

After this success, what will I try next?  Do you have any favorite winter craft projects that you do every year?  What have I been missing out on?  Let me know, I’m up for trying anything!


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