Summer is here!

Over here in New Hampshire we are checking things off our summer bucket list. We've taken a lovely trip to Bar Harbor. We've played mini golf. We've gone to a few baseball games. I've even scheduled a paddle boarding lesson. As we try to consciously enjoy the great summer weather, it becomes difficult to spend …

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Please Spring, hurry up!

Thought I'd share a few projects I've been working on as I wait, wait, wait on Spring to arrive. It's still cold, there is still snow, blah. The sun is out and I heard that the bears are waking up. . . so not too much longer. This gem is a guest book. Any one …

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Phil did say there’d be 6 more weeks. . .

You know what they say about the weather in New Hampshire?  If you don't like it, wait five minutes.  Or a day, because yesterday it hit 70 degrees, and today it is snowing.  Hard to see through the jungle, but trust me, it's happening. It is February, so it's okay that it's snowing, it's supposed …

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