100_1765I started 43 Cards in 2009 as a way to be creative, to play, and to encourage people to stay close to their friends and families by writing notes and sending letters through the mail.

Creating notebooks and journals grew out of my love of making cards.  I like the larger format and everyone needs a place to write; whether they use a notebook for grocery lists or as an art journal.100_1523

I also create wedding albums, guest books, photo albums, pocket books to hold note cards, coupons, secret messages and treasures.  I love to create items specialty items.

I think of my style as clean but messy, simple but funky, new but vintage; you know; cool!

My husband Pete and I live in Canaan, NH, a small town near Dartmouth College.  When I’m not creating, I am a real live town Librarian!  It is as cool as it sounds, and if you need a great book recommendation, I can help you with that too!

Happy dogHere’s our beagle, Thora!  We got her from our local humane society — isn’t she fabulous!


One Response to About

  1. Janice says:

    I’m finally..looking at your site..forgive me..and I say WOW!…this is cool..you are a creator..librarian!

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