Custom projects

I love that what I create is all one-of-a-kind.  No two items are alike (well, almost no two items).  This gives me the freedom to express whatever I'm feeling, no need to seek perfection, because each item is perfect exactly because it is an original.   Sometimes, my vision isn't quite what a customer is …

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Spring has sprung!

Spring always feels like a new love to me.  I'm a little extra giddy, I have a little more energy, I'm more apt to say yes to an adventure.  You know, I feel free!  I also feel thankful.  Thankful that I am lucky enough to have the time to play in this beautiful, energizing weather.  …

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Sometimes, even a latte can’t help.

Honest post time.  Sometimes there is just not enough time in the day. I was hoping to get this new batch of fabulously sparkly garlands finished in time to photograph today, but that is not happening. I did all my real life stuff like groceries, shopping for work clothes, picking up a prescription, gassing up …

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