Here we go!

The renovation of our kitchen begins tomorrow! I am excited, terrified, stressed out, and grateful. We’ve waited a long time to start (maybe too long) this project.

A few things left to move.

Renovation may be an understatement. We are demolishing an addition from the 1920s, putting in a foundation — it was all the rage in the roaring 20’s to go without foundations, those crazy kids — and then rebuilding the addition. The added twist is that our kitchen lives in the addition. Living without a true kitchen will become a challenge, I’m sure of it.

Removing a problem overhang, left from removal of a porch way back when.

The most exciting part of the renovation is our attic becomes my art studio! No longer will I be creating in one half of our kitchen and picking up projects to make dinner. I can not wait for all the delicious creative space that is coming my way.

I’m realistically the only person who could work in this workshop, and I measure in at 5 feet even.

Pete also finally gets a workshop that he can stand up it — that is very good news!

Mom, Dad, Zoe and Pete getting ready to roll!

There have been so many not so little steps involved in getting to this point, like moving my shed, which really should have just been demoed itself, but . . . everyone humored me and we moved it! Thanks to all our friends and family who have lent muscles and shoulders to this point. You’re probably not off the hook, yet.

In other totally unrelated news; I bought this at the Firemans’ Auction:

Yes, a Mr. Peanut costume.

And we got to puppysit!!!

Miss Lailani!

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