This week’s work

Have I shared that our house is under renovation? Like, tear a third of the house down, renovation? Well, it has made creating a bit of a challenge. Lots of stuff is packed away, and my regular creating space no longer exists. All this is to move into bigger, brighter, and better spaces, but for now, it’s pretty much pulling teeth to get anything done.

This week, my aggravation paid off. I was looking for a folder of gelli prints (which I couldn’t find), when I came across a folder of sewn together scraps. That serendipitous find was the spark I needed. So, I took the plunge and cut into these sheets to make covers for some new post-it cozies.

Our exercise of living with less is hopefully coming to a close. Probably just a few more months before we’ll be living in our whole house again. But honestly, it hasn’t been too bad. Our lovely friends are keeping us fed, and our spirits are high.

It’s amazing to realize how little you actually need. This idea is currently creating lots of inner discourse for me. If we can go without all of our stuff, do we need it at all? I’m a bit of a magpie, and have lots of things to look at; and I love it all. I’m really looking forward to unpacking and spreading back out, but I have relearned that living can happen quite comfortably with less. Of course, that does not apply to art supplies.

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