Oh, progress . . .

I get it.  Insurance companies are betting on a risk to reward ratio.  I get it, our house currently looks a little too heavy on the risk front.  But, we have a plan!  Unfortunately, our timeline is not the same as our insurance company’s.


So, we asked friends and family to help us out with our new punch list (hooray, and thank goodness for friends and family), and we are well on our way to re-roofing a section of house we hope to demolish in a year or so.


Then the rain comes.  And the leak.  And the moving of all my craft materials.



Then, back come the friends and family to save the day.


I must admit, I was thinking about rearranging, but I was hoping to have a plan first.  Oh well, time waits for no one, and all that jazz!

Call me gun-shy, but I will be waiting through the next rain storm before I move everything back where it belongs.

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