Please Spring, hurry up!

Thought I’d share a few projects I’ve been working on as I wait, wait, wait on Spring to arrive. It’s still cold, there is still snow, blah. The sun is out and I heard that the bears are waking up. . . so not too much longer.

This gem is a guest book. Any one got some big events coming up this year like my nephew and his fiance? How can he be old enough to walk, let alone be old enough to get married? In the I’m-way -too-old-for-this category is the cassette tape my brother and sister-in-law mailed me my freshman year of college with my as-of-yet nephew’s in-utero heart beat. Arrgghhhh! Even though it means I am ancient, we are super psyched for the wedding, he has found his perfect match!

Linseed oil and mineral spirits for the win!

I’ve also got some wooden notebook covers in process. This would be a lot more enjoyable project if I could open some windows, but my drafty kitchen is doing the job.

What projects are you working on to get you through this final winter hump?

Found a stamp at the Flea Market. That, plus scraps = amazing!

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