World Card Making Day is coming!

This Saturday, October 7, is World Card Making Day and I say huzzah!  Get out that card stock and stamps and get to it!


Send a card to your Mom, like I did (Happy Birthday, Mom), send one to your favorite niece or nephew, send one to your secret crush!  Just send one.

It doesn’t have to have some major declaration inside, maybe “Hi, I’m thinking about you” is enough.  Maybe just “Hi.”

It doesn’t have to be fancy.  Just grab some paper out of your recycling bin,

fold it, grab a marker, make a design, and write or draw something inside.  Then, grab another piece of paper and wrap it around the first one, give it an address and a stamp and you’re good to go!

This Saturday, give yourself a minute or two away from your to do list.  Send a card.  Make someone’s day.

Parts List: Ferris Wheel Birthday Card: stamps from Stampin’ Up.  Awesome Monkey Card: Artist Card Aaron Kovalcsik, paper bag,  front of silver envelope, and scraps of wrapping paper. (Seriously, right out of the recycling bin.)

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