Spring has sprung!

DSC01757 (2)

Spring always feels like a new love to me.  I’m a little extra giddy, I have a little more energy, I’m more apt to say yes to an adventure.  You know, I feel free!  I also feel thankful.  Thankful that I am lucky enough to have the time to play in this beautiful, energizing weather.  Thankful to have the funds to boost my gardens with spring color.  Thankful to have friends and family to share the load.

DSC01750 (2)

I am also feeling grateful for the time I was able to share with Artistic Roots in Plymouth, NH.  Back in January, they graciously asked me to be a visiting artist, what an honor!  As that time comes to an end (the end of May, folks), I am finishing up a few last items to tuck in my display; give it a little goose for the final stretch.  If you haven’t had a chance to visit my display, or for that matter all the amazing artists at Artistic Roots, I really can’t recommend them enough.  Such a nice, and talented bunch of people, they deserve your well-earned dollars.

Check out this quote I stumbled upon.  This is my new mantra.  Oh, Margaret, how you know me so!

DSC01745 (2)

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