Sometimes, even a latte can’t help.


Honest post time.  Sometimes there is just not enough time in the day.


I was hoping to get this new batch of fabulously sparkly garlands finished in time to photograph today, but that is not happening.


I did all my real life stuff like groceries, shopping for work clothes, picking up a prescription, gassing up the car, shoveling, and now the day is mostly over and my caffeine high is wearing off.


I think I’ll at least be able to finish cutting out and folding the pieces before bed.  I’ll have a date with my glue gun over my morning tea and see if I can’t get them finished and packaged to take to the artists’ co-op tomorrow afternoon.  Fingers crossed.


The majestic beagle in her natural habitat wondering why there is more of the cold white stuff out past the glass.

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