There and back again

I’ve traveled.  I’ve aged.  I’ve created.  All since the last time we spoke!  The highlight reel includes a trip to Philadelphia for the Public Library Association conference, delayed by Winter Storm Toby, but thoroughly enjoyed.


I found so much inspiration at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  I was refilled by just walking through, maybe they pipe something in through the air ducts? There were so many people enjoying the museum, and of course, their collection of art is awe inspiring. (Warhol, Degas, Van Gogh, Toulouse-Lautrec, the list seemingly never ends.)  The arms and armor collection is worth the trip alone.

One of the current exhibits: Varujan Boghosian: Master Manipulator took me by surprise.  This artist creates collages with paper, stone, wood; what looks like anything he can get his hands on.  It kind of spoke to me, ya know?  While his color palette is much more subdued, and his intention seems a little more austere, I felt a connection.  Once we got home, and I delved into the Museum website to learn more about him; guess what? He lives in the town next door, is still around, and taught at the same college as my husband.  In fact, I have probably run into him at the grocery store.

Yes, a rogue picture with Rocky. I told you, I went to Philly. No, we didn’t run up the steps, but everyone else did, and were singing the theme to boot (maybe we did that part)!

Check them out, Philadelphia Museum of Art

I also found art at the library conference.  Madison (WI) Public Library’s The Bubbler and Anythink Libraries (CO) brought Lovey Town—an interactive experience featuring artist Michael Velliquette to the conference. You can check out more about this amazing installation here: Lovey Town.  We were invited to take a snapshot of ourselves and be turned into paper dolls that we could then add to “Lovey Town”.

loveytownloveytown wide

I also loved the create a paper quilt moment,


and the Library Oracle.

the library oracle

This Question and Answer box worked like this:  You took a question card out of the question drawer  — it was a library card and a card catalog, of course — and answered the question.  You then put your answered card in the answer drawer.  Finally, you took a blank card catalog card and wrote your own question, and placed it in the Question drawer.  What an amazing way to interact with people if maybe interacting is terrifying for you, or just as an ever growing collection of thoughts and ideas.  The question I answered was: What inspires you?  My answer: Art inspires Me.  The question I added was: How much do you love your dog?  The answer that someone added to my question?  “My dog saved my life.”  See?  It’s a really simple, fun but amazing project.  I hope to create something similar at our library.

The inspiration was flowing through the whole trip — but I couldn’t wait to get home to this:

DSC01726 (2)

Even though traveling is sometimes scary for me, it is totally worth it.  I am so glad that I am challenging myself to do more of it this year.  Where will the road take me next?



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