No wise words this week

I had a really busy week in my real life, so I was only able to grab a couple minutes to be creative.  Here’s what I worked on:

I make my notebooks out of 1/16 inch mat board, so there is always a kraft color edge that I like to cover up, making them blend in with the book.  This time, I used an eggplant colored ink pad and rub the edges down before I put any of the paper on.  I like how that turned out, it keeps the paper edges a little neater. I used Aleene’s glue to affix colored card stock to the insides and patterned paper to the outside covers.  Then I glued some trimmed gelli print pages on top of that.   To grunge it all up, I took an over-sized fingernail file and sanded the edges and the corners.  Now I will add some bits and bobs to the front including these cool stamps by Dina Wakely.


And here’s how they look at the end of this play session. DSC01547DSC01549DSC01548

By now, you must know, these notebooks will go through a few more stages before they hit the shelves.  But that’s where the fun is!

DSC01543Right, Thora?

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