Be present even if . . .

DSC00975 (2)You spilled water on your laptop and your backspace button doesn’t work and shift now turns airplane mode on and off.

Even if your truck door is frozen shut and you have to pour hot water on it to get it open.

Even if this wipes out all the extra morning time you set aside so you wouldn’t be late to yoga class.

Even if the roads are still just a little bit dicey for your little truck.

Even if your previously frozen passenger side door decides it might like to open while you’re on the highway.

Even if you have to do a 12 point turn to get into the parking lot at yoga.

Even if you’re that guy and arrive 10 minutes late and missed the beginning of class oms (your favorite).

Even if you’re trying to elongate your out breath, but you can’t remember if you actually turned your truck off, or if you have locked your keys inside.

Be present.  It’s what makes this life great.  It is also what makes finding out you didn’t leave your truck running, you didn’t lock the keys inside, and you didn’t actually bother anyone coming into class late, a great story.  It also doesn’t hurt to stop at your new favorite coffee shop for some magic elixir called a Fuego Del Zorro (Thanks, Lucky’s Coffee Garage!). That makes life pretty great, too!DSC01477 (2)

‘Without the ability to be present, what have we got?  We miss all this amazing little stuff, like being thankful for espresso, and making it home on those yucky roads.  If I dwelt in the past, I would have regretted missing all this.  If I worried too much about what I should be doing next, my mind wouldn’t have had a chance to see the bigger picture; once I was able to find myself on the mat in pigeon breathing into the tightest hips on the planet!cropped-dsc00981.jpg

Be present.  Be here.  Be now.  It’s a sentiment Thora can get behind.DSC01069

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