When you’re not very good at something . . .

. . . yet.

Another day, another art book from the library.  Dina Wakley’s Art Journal Courage: Fearless Mixed Media Techniques for Journaling Bravely.  passthrough

I happened across a Dina Wakley video on Youtube where she was teaching how to draw faces.  I’ve been wanting to branch out from using purchased stamps in my artwork into having complete control over my creative ideas, but I don’t have any real art training.  As a former band geek, I never had time for drawing classes in high school, so I don’t have any of those basic concepts of shading, shape, dimension, etc. under my belt.  Dina’s video made it look so easy, I thought, sure, I can totally do this and then I’ll be on to hanging portraits in no time. So, off to the library to check out the book.   Well, this tiny little exercise has opened my eyes.  Drawing is as difficult as I expected, but it is quite fun giving it a try.  And I’ve got Beginner’s Mind going for me.

Here are my first few; they’re not cute, but I am proud of myself for jumping in.  How do we improve if we don’t try?


Permanent marker on a gelli print
Doodle during phone call.
Distress markers in my art journal.


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