Use it or lose it!

I’ve been in a using up mood.  The other day I pulled out the plant pot full o’ bits and dug in. . . I found some gelli prints, some solid card stock I had previously intended for another project, lots of strips of patterned paper, and many already stamped images and sayings.  I even found a set of stamps that I hadn’t played with yet (the pony-tail girl and the neat arrows).  Then I spent some time just layering and playing until I got things looking just the way I wanted them, and voila!

I just love mixing and matching patterns and colors; something that can be frowned upon when it comes to fashion.

I’m also still working on my faces project.  Here are a few I doodled when I was away last week at the New Hampshire Library Association Spring Conference.  As with lots of things, free flowing creativity seems to deliver better results.

Here’s the face I think I’ll start working on next.


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