It’s a fine day!

I thought I would share a review of Elisabeth Dunker’s book, Fine Little Day: Ideas, Collections, and Interiors.30646238-origpic-678efa.jpg_0_0_100_100_450_631_85

Dunker’s book is made up of clips and excerpts from her blog of the same name.  It is filled with inspiring images of studios, homes, and Scandinavian woodlands.  I grabbed this book off the library shelves to get some crafty inspiration, and while it didn’t immediately draw me to my desk, it certainly was beautiful to look through, with lovely color schemes and nature photography.

The home interiors featured are so neat and bohemian, that they sent me directly to my vacuum and into a clutter ditching frenzy, so I’ll take that as inspiration.  There is also a recipe for fish soup that looks delicious.

This quote kind of sums up what this book offered me, a reminder to play and be myself:

“Like someone with itchy feet I’m always rushing around; it’s okay to be free, it’s okay to lose yourself as much as you want.  Look at me, I’m playing!  I refuse to feel ashamed and it makes me happy.  When people call me on the phone and ask me to buy things I say, ‘No thanks, I’ve got everything I need, I’m content, complete,’ and it’s almost always true.  Perhaps I’m romanticizing things a little: am I a true individualist?  Maybe.  I certainly want to show solidarity and generosity, I also want to indulge in the things I find most interesting and make use of what is around me, go crazy, try things — without limits. ” — Elisabeth Dunker, Fine Little Day

Here’s a little recent play in my Dylusions notebook with my Dina Wakely girls.

In other truly inspiring news, the pup is feeling much better!  Huzzah, hooray!  Thanks to all of you who asked about her.

I’m feeling so much better!
I’m serious, I’m better.
If you look away, I’ll run around this house like a mad dog, just try and stop me.

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