When your mind’s not in the game. . .

How do you stay productive when you can’t concentrate?  Good question.  For me, it involves flitting around from one small task to the next, because my focus is out the window.

Our poor pup, my art assistant is sick/injured.  We still don’t quite know what is going on with her, the best guess is slipped disc.  She is hopped up on meds, super uncomfortable, and today had several I-don’t-feel-good-so-I’m-gonna-eat-grass-and-I-puke moments — fun times.  Beagles are really bad patients, she refuses to tell us what’s wrong, and the minute she feels even the slightest bit better, she overdoes it and gets hurt again.

100_1807 (2)


Anyway . . . today, in between cleaning the rugs and taking the pup outside for some air,  I found a few note book covers squirreled away.  I yanked them out and finished them up.  I wasn’t motivated enough to cut page inserts and bind them, but I think I still have a few scattered days ahead of me.


I’m particularly proud of how this one turned out.  It has had three incarnations at this point.  First it was a hand-colored flower mess.  Then I tried to cover it up with a orangey-gold beeswax paint.

Today, I covered all that with white gesso and then stamped all over it with a mix of Tim Holtz and Dylusion stamps.  I am finally happy with it!

Hopefully, our pup will make some good progress this weekend so we can all get a little rest.  If anyone out there has Dr. Doolittle’s personal line, can you please let me know?



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