Why garlands aren’t just for Christmas anymore.

We got 5 inches of snow yesterday; in April. We have packed up all the decorations, the wreaths are in the compost bin, and the winter jacket is back in the closet, but it still looks like Christmas around here.  Maybe because of the white stuff on the ground, or maybe to spite Mother Nature, I can’t give up on the garland.

Now, I’m not talking about the shiny silvery stuff that starts to look like a mangy cat after a few years.  I’m talking about a new, updated version.  Made from cool patterned papers and colorful baker’s twine.

I know it’s strange, but why should we put anyway these fun accouterments when we are just getting excited about the proposition of flowers budding and grass greening? Decorate for Spring, I say!  Look how pretty it makes the place!

100_2305 100_2306 100_2310 100_2311 100_2312 100_2317 100_2319 100_2324 100_2329 100_2344 100_2349

2 thoughts on “Why garlands aren’t just for Christmas anymore.

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