A successful fair day

We had such a blast at the Orange Harvest Festival this year.  The weather cooperated (no snow), the set up crew not only loaned us, but pre-set a table for us (so nice), and there were lots of shoppers!

I am really happy with how this year’s evolution of my table layout shaped up.  I know it’s not perfect, but it is getting there.  It is a little aggravating when you know you shouldn’t put all your stuff out at once because it is too crowded, but you love every little thing you’ve made and you don’t want anyone to miss the perfect thing because it isn’t out there.  There must be a happy medium out there, maybe I’ll find it one day.


The best sellers this year were Post-it note cozies and  Garlands.  That means, back to the grind stone for me (what a great problem to have)!  Thanks to everyone who came out and said hi!

As always thanks to Dylusions, Dina Wakely, Stampin’ Up, Tim Holtz, and all those paper companies out there who make this so much fun!

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