100_2296 crop You know when you clean out your fridge and end up making a fantastic meal out of all those leftover veggies and Chinese restaurant rice?  That feeling of accomplishment, of creativity, of good do-bee-ness because it didn’t all end up in the trash (or hopefully, the compost bin)?

I get that same feeling from using up my scraps of paper to make some fun and funky cards.  I’ll use these cards to send birthday wishes, hellos, and thinking of yous to my friends and family, and I’ll also sell a few when craft fair season comes back around.  Most of my scraps come from the creation of notebooks and journals, and since I usually work with 12×12 sheets of paper, there is always a little bit left over.

I have drawers, bags, bowls, and envelopes filled with scraps, and when it is a scrap day, I dump them all out on the counter and get to work.  I tend to do all my backgrounds first and then dig out just a few rubber stamps (for my safety, I won’t go into the gluttonous amount of those I have hanging around) and start stamping.

Most of the time, even the papers I don’t like very much, when used in moderation on a card, can end up being pretty nice.  And frankly, if I don’t like the finished product that much, I can take it apart and double scrap it!

Here’s how scrap day started this week:

100_2273 100_2272

Here are the results!

100_2268 100_2267

I am happy with how these scrap cards came out.  I used some new stamps (the bird and the lemon) and lightened my stash, a little bit.

Here’s how Thora feels about the whole thing:




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