Setting up the studio

It’s finished (mostly). Of course, I still need a door, the outlets need covers, and I need a light — but other than that — it is now a usable space.

I’ve even started making some stuff.

How fun to set up, uncover, reclaim my supplies. I know there is even more to find.

The layout of the space really came together. There were some pieces of furniture that I thought would show up that haven’t, like a goofy old green couch that we’ve had forever, and my Nana’s cool chair that I need to have reupholstered. And there are a few things that I thought I wouldn’t add, but have — my Grandpa’s old desk, Mom’s sewing table, this teal buffet that’s been in Pete’s family since the dawn of time. So far, I haven’t purchased any new pieces of furniture, which makes me very happy. I do think there is a new bookcase and maybe a bigger table in my futures, but these will suit for now.

An added bonus, which I wouldn’t have even thought about if we weren’t all staying home to keep our communities safe, is the open floor in the middle of the room is perfect for streaming yoga classes. My studio is now an art studio, and a yoga studio. My not-so-secret-anymore dream is to also make it a music studio — learning how to DJ is my new plan, so I can hold block parties from my new perch.

Until the two turn tables and a microphone manifest themselves, I will be wholly satisfied with the beautiful and productive space that has been created for me. All the thanks to the folks who helped us build this space. I plan on doing some great things up here.

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