Restocking my notebooks

It is a great, and at the same time, stressful feeling to have empty inventory buckets. First, and best, it means — hooray, you like me, you really like me, and want to purchase my notebooks. Second, it means, it’s time to build those stores back up, so get to work!

I’m really liking the pink and turquoise combo going on here, it feels old fashion, but I think the black accents make it pop.

Same with this notebook, pink and turquoise, but what I like about this cover is the mix of patterns. There’s a lot going on, but adding the peachy orange behind the stamped image, ties it all in with the peachy belt across the center.

More turquoise, and a random bright red and yellow. You just never know what you’re going to find that matches.

These books are 9 x 12 size and filled with card stock pages. Card stock is a little thicker than normal paper, so it’s a little stronger; perfect for paints, markers, glue — all sorts of stuff. As you can see, I created one design idea — vertical stripes with a solid color to break up the pattern with a mini collage on the mid to lower right hand side — but was really able to create two completely different looking covers.

One’s a little more springy and light and the other is more like your grandpa’s old necktie (kind of my jam, I have to say).

I really like using the Tim Holtz Idea-ology packs to layer in even more patterns. The Halloween kids photo is also a Tim Holtz product. I am always on the look out for original items like this that I can use, too.

What are your go to creating supplies? As you can see, mine are currently glue, paper, glue, ink, and more glue. Hope you’re out there making beautiful stuff!

Supplies highlighted here include: Ranger Inks, Stamps from Dina Wakely, Stampin’ Up, and Tim Holtz and ephemera from Tim Holtz.

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