Snow storm equals work day

The Great British Baking Showing is my jam (ha!).

Well, day two of making Christmas cards is at least feeling a little more festive.  Snow has a way of doing that.  I won’t bring out the balsam candles and candy canes just yet (let’s get through next week, shall we?

I will be setting up at the Mascoma Valley Regional High School Holiday Craft Fair on Saturday, November 24, you should stop by.  I’ll have, you guessed it, Christmas and Holiday cards, and lots of notebooks and little goodies to stuff into stockings, put under trees, or wrap for the lovelies in your life.  Shop local, and all that jazz!

Along with getting cards done for the craft fair and the gallery (Artistic Roots, Plymouth, NH), we are also getting our Christmas gifts started, and for us, that means schnapps!

Carrot, Blueberry, Coffee, and Cranberry.  Not pictured: Apple, Cinnamon, and Vanilla.

Stamps by: Stampin’ Up, and Tim Holtz.  All the great vintage folks are Paper Dolls from Tim Holtz.

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