Back to basics

Last week I shared with you my amazingly involved and life changing goals for 2018.  Well, they’re not earth shaking, but I did end up seeing a pattern.   All the goals are about exploring and learning new things.  Bettering myself, if you will.  Hence, my word of the year will be LEARN.


That’s what I want to be doing.  Learning.  Learning all the things.  Think mad professor with books stacked higher than her head, mussed hair, inked stained fingers, smudgy glasses learning.


Learn new things.  Learn what I like and don’t like.  Learn how to be brave.  Strong. Smart. Determined. Scared.  Loved.


What can I learn that can make me the most awesome me?  Can all this learning get me closer to knowing all that awesome-ness?


Here’s the plan: use all sorts of different mediums, read all sorts of new books,  get dirty, go out on a limb or two.  I’m not gonna give a heck, and just do it!


Cards made with : scraps of paper, gelli prints, Tim Holtz people, and stamps from Stampin’ Up, Dylusions, and some other great companies (help me if you know where that library card stamp is from).



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