They come in threes

My husband had to do some unexpected travelling recently.  I stayed home to hold down the fort, giving me a little extra time in my week.  I created three pieces of art: a collage of scraps, a fast portrait, and a painted canvas.  They all stretched my creativity in different ways.  The collage was an exercise in matching non-matchy papers and patterns and using doodles as enhancement.DSC00717

The fast portrait was an exercise in working on top of a clean up page in my journal (a place where I wipe off excess paint and clean stencils), and in working quickly and not erasing, and futzing around.  I really challenged myself with drawing in sharpie with no pencil first — eek.  I think she has a really cute nose.


The third piece I worked on this week was a companion to last week’s art.  I love the brightness and the texture.  What looks like a camera flash is actually a spray of white paint, so shiny!  I again used Dylusions paints and sprays, modeling creme, and stencils to get this lunar landing vibe.


Here’s a up close shot of one of my favorite textures —  I only used three or four colors here, but by using a heat tool, I was able to change the tone of the colors, making it seem like I used the entire rainbow.


Schedules are back to normal in our house this week, so I might not continue to be this productive, but as long as I’m creating, I’m happy.  What makes you happy?  Baking, gardening, pruning dead roses, watching Youtube videos of other people organizing their homes?  Let me know if you share any of my other secret loves.

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