Tool hoarder unleashed!

No, I will not tell you how long I’ve had these water brushes, but I will show you how fun they are to use, especially when you combine them with Distress Crayons.


A little teaser of a painting I’m working on, maybe you’ll get to see that next week!


The Old Man in the Mountain!


I  mixed a lot of water around on this page to get the variation in color.  I think this could do with some more doodling.


A face over a clean up page in my journal.  Very ’80s pop star.  Look at that blush!


My favorite of the week.  The crayons and water really blended well here.  Love her ballerina hair and those lips!


Little Miss Thora has had a project of her own this week, ruining her new harness.  See how proud she is?

Let me know if you are a watercolor artist.  What other paints/pens/crayons should I try out?

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