Learning something new

So, have I taken my last post to heart? Have I been investigating new forms of paper crafts?

Well, I took a quilting class! Which for me was also a rotary cutter class, an ironing class, and a sewing machine refresher course. Over the last few weeks I spent 12 hours with my friend Ruth, who has started her own quilting shop/ quilt retreat business; you can learn more about Conwell Corners on Facebook! She walked me through choosing how to layout my fabric, how to cut in a straight line, how to square my fabric. At first, it all seemed so different that I thought I would never get it right.

But then, I made the leap — the fabric is the paper (simple, I know, but in the moment, it was escaping me). I match different patterned papers together all the time, I can cut paper in a straight line (most of the time), and, if don’t get it perfectly straight, I know how to trim my edges to get it that way.

I still think I prefer glue and double sided tape as my adhesive, but there is a calming quality to sewing on a well-kept and maintained machine (note to self, get my sewing machine tuned up).

As for the ironing, I still don’t like it, and I never will!100_1973 100_1986 100_1987 100_1985

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