A snowy day

Sometimes cleaning up leads to new projects!  I tend to put together card backs in bulk so when the imagination gets revved up, I can jump right it.  Today was one of those days.  I used all sorts of scraps and pre-stamped images (something else I do to get ahead) and finished a dozen cards.  I also got around to packaging up another twenty cards which means stamping the back of each with my logo, matching envelopes to the cards, slipping them into clear envelopes, and inserting my business card into each.  I enjoy this final step(s) because it signals completion with these small pieces of art.
100_1962 100_1943 100_1959 100_1958 100_1947
I also spent some time adapting my hand made address books to a smaller size.  A friend asked for one that would fit in her purse, and I said “sure, no problem!”  I tried a few sizes, but this is the one we both like the best.  It is check book size and includes 7 pages of line paper for each four letters of the alphabet.  The best part of the address books?  I get to use a set of my vintage alphabet stamps.  They are scarred and marred, and don’t all hold ink the same way — which I love!  I’m on a mission to own all the vintage alphabet stamps in the world!
100_1951 100_1952

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