Paste! Vacation! Watermelon! Arborists!

Look!  A bamboo donkey from Japan!  No, we didn’t go all the way to Japan for vacation, but he’s our little souvenir from our stateside travels.

Wow, what a crazy couple of weeks!  We went away for a little bit, and boy, it was tough to come back to real life!  I hope we are lucky enough some day to have all our time be our time, you know what I mean?  No clocks, no responsibilities, just what you choose to fill your time.  But until then, here’s what’s been going on.


I love my new adhesive.  Do people say that?  I guess if you create with paper you do.



So far, it’s got great coverage, it says malleable for little bit so I can shift things around, and with the right utensil, I can really move it around.

On the con side, it’s pretty sticky (yeah, I know, adhesive), so I have to be careful with where it ends up, ’cause it’s not coming off.  I’m imagining some chic creative moments when I need to cover up my oopses.


I set up my permanent display at Artistic Roots!  That’s right, I’m a full fledged member now!  If you’re ever in Plymouth, NH you should stop in, the gallery is full of amazing artwork, jewelry, and quirky, goofy stationery (wink, wink!)


Our sad, old maple tree has gone on to new endeavors.  We will miss you and your pileated woodpeckers, but not your fear inducing creaking and bending during any and all windy storms.

Thora Watermelon
Thora loves watermelon!  

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