Chain letter, really?

I got hit by the Black & White Photo Challenge on Facebook.  I caved and played along, but I didn’t feel the need to harness that type of responsibility to anyone by nominating them to join in.

I picked seven photos that really represent me and what I love about this craft, so I thought I would share them here, in B&W and color.  Let’s see which ones we like better, shall we?








100_2117 (3)

100_2117 (2)

Did Bruce Lee know what he was talking about, or what?  These photographs show me that my materials, tools, art, and eye are all unique to me, and that is just about the greatest thing.  It may be more important than I realized to look back at what I have created.  Thanks are due to the Facebook gods of modern day chain letters for helping me see, but they shouldn’t necessarily count on me to play along again any time soon.

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