No expectations, big results.

I am trying to broaden my artistic horizons.  I have given drawing faces a whirl (gotta get back to that), have played around with gelli printing (LOVE THIS!), and now want to try painting with a brush (not just hands and stencils).  But what should I paint?  Something minimal, simplistic, cute, but not too cute.  It could be anything, which is the problem. When it can be anything, it can easily be nothing, like a nonstarter, never gonna happen nothing.  Not this time!  I used one of my (and everyone else’s) favorite procrastination tools — Pinterest.  Pinterest is a wonderful thing. Not for the hours of time that it has sucked from my life, but for those times when I am actually looking for something; that’s when it can come in for the rescue and the win.  I spent just a short time scanning for a specific image that I wanted to draw and then paint.


Here are a few of the foxes I found thanks to:



Remember this small canvas from a few weeks ago that I rolled a background onto during a gelli printing marathon?


It looks great, but clearly it was calling out for more paint.  This is where my fox was going to go.  I broke out my new stabillo pencil and gave it a whirl.  I was kind of amazed that it drew so well on top of all that paint.


After the initial sketch, it was time for the paint.  But since I’m a chicken and hate commitment, I first decided I would try tracing over one of the little foxes in my sketchbook to see how bad it might be.

You know, it might be the cutest, best thing I’ve ever made (not kidding):


My lack of skill and brush ability resulted in this really great calligraphy look — so cool!

Anyway, the final result is pretty great, too.  Maybe the varying weight of the lines could be worked on, and maybe I need to add some white to the tip of the tail, but other than those minor things, I’m happy.  I tried something new while trying to keep my expectations to a minimum, and it worked out.  Go me!  What other terrifying new things might I conquer this week?  How ’bout you?




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