Start with yourself.

Week two of the Brahmaviharas yoga series was Karuna: or compassion for those who are suffering.  I am thankful that I am not suffering like so many folks are today.  I have everything I need, and sometimes it feels selfish to be dissatisfied with the quality of my art.   I would never consider myself “suffering” because my art isn’t perfect.


It’s the compassion part of karuna that is really speaking to me.

We put so much pressure on ourselves.  How often are we told to be gentle with ourselves; but then in the next minute are told we should be giving it everything we got, or going for the gold, or reaching for the stars?

Maybe today we can only reach for the ceiling, is that enough?

Compassion says yes — because we need to show compassion to ourselves before we can show it to others.  So, our masterpiece may not appear today, or this month, or this year — but that’s okay.  Give yourself a break, cut yourself some slack.  No inspiration this week, oh well, create something anyway.



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