4-H Craft Jamboree


Last Saturday, I had the chance to participate in our local 4-H craft jamboree; it was so much fun!  The kids signed up for different sessions throughout the morning to create things like painted horseshoes, plastic bag drying stations and tool trugs.  I wish there were days like this for kids like me!  I thought I would show you the crafts that I shared with the kids (and a few grown ups)!

First, we made a card with a secret message:


Then we made an origami envelope.  I adapted directions that I found online at www.wikihow.com.

Check your stash, or your recycling bin, for papers you could turn into an envelope.  If I was going to send one of these through the mail, I think I would use a sticker or !!MORE WASHI TAPE!! to ensure it stays closed.

I think all of these papers, washi tapes, and stamps are from Stampin’ Up.  



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