Welcome Spring!

The wind has been whipping here the last couple of days.  Today, we lost a big hunk of maple tree and when it fell, it took down an old unused cable tv wire.  I’m hopeful the cable company will come and remove it.  Fingers crossed!  When the pup and I went out to investigate, her beagle ears were blowing straight out like she was at sea with Captain Ahab himself!

Ahoy mateys!

For me, Spring is a busy birthday time.  Lots of friends and family, including myself, have birthdays in the spring (great minds, us crazies have to stick together, etc .), so I have been busy bulking up my birthday card stock.  Here are a few. Maybe you’re on the list to get one!


Stamps by: Stampin’ Up, Dylusions, and Deep Red Stamps.

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