New notebooks on the way

Life was relatively calm today.  Yoga, errands, bird seed out for the no-tail red squirrel; I mean birds.  The dog and I even played outside for a little while.  This made room for my mind to be open for some crafting, and a few notebooks appeared.  Well, a few notebook covers have appeared.

Here’s my lady, too. (Told you I was in love).

I usually use blank paper to fill my notebooks; a nice heavy weight copier paper.  It makes them more flexible, you can use them to take notes (hence the notebook moniker), but you can also use them for sketching, painting, doodling, writing to your mother, whatever you want.

I’m ready for a change and I have discovered that some printers have a setting that will print graph paper, did you know that?  I think I can even print blank musical score sheets (stay tuned for news of my first published orchestral piece).  Wouldn’t a notebook full of graph paper be kind of fun?  You could create crosswords and word finds, play mine sweeper, build complex algebraic formulas; fantastic!

This idea may be fueled by all the bullet journals I’ve been seeing on Pinterest lately.  They are the most organized, and completely out of my league planner system out there.  I don’t think I’m ready to jump in to using one, but I can sure make a few.  First step to a successful bullet journal is graph paper for all those fancy checks and boxes, so here goes.  I’ll keep you posted on how well they turn out.

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