Martha Stewart* has done me wrong.


Years ago, I ripped articles and how-tos out of Martha Stewart Magazine like my life depended on it.  Why I thought that I would need to know things like: how to make soap in the shape of a shell or how to hand-dip pine cones in glitter (oh crap, maybe I do want to know how to do that, thank goodness for Pinterest) I’ll never know.  Seriously, I had three-ring binders full of this stuff.

Whelp, I finally just recycled all that garbage because never once did I go back to make that simply darling chicken costume for my dog.  While I was at it though, one DIY clipping caught my attention — use bleach to rubber stamp on cotton napkins.  Yes!  Christmas presents, perfect idea.  I’ve got rubber stamps coming out my wazoo — this will be a snap.

Yeah, right.  The picture from Martha shows beautiful delicate images, that when I tried, were just a big bleedy mess.  I call foul.  I want to see how many napkins they ruined before they got the four images in the photo.

Anyway, I have purchased more napkins than I care to admit, so the show must go on.  And, I’ve had a little success with some foam stamps (images I don’t really like, but . . .) so they will be very nice, just not what I imagined (or was led to believe could be possible).

I know all you crafters out there have also been disappointed by the promised ease of a project — what’s been your worst?


*Of course, not the real life Martha, she’s great!  She’s got that cool yet bizarre new show on tv with Snoop Dogg — check it out, it will blow your mind.



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