What holds it all together?


noun ad·he·sive

Simple Definition of adhesive

  • : a substance (such as glue or cement) that is used to make things stick together

That’s what Merriam Webster has to say, a little lackluster in my opinion.

For me, double-sided tape, washi, glue, pop-up dots, any thing I can use to put two (or twenty) pieces of paper together is my jam.  I’m not afraid to say I love adhesives!  Even when the hot glue burns my fingers, I love it!

Here’s a peek at my sticky stash:


Mini hot glue gun and glue.  Currently used exclusively to make garlands.


Teeny bottles of glue with fine tips for adhering teeny things.


Thick, squishy pieces of adhesive that allow me to “pop up” things to give dimension to my projects.


Double-sided tape for daily sticking of things.  See also super sticky double-sided tape for adhering strips of beads and/or ribbons, aka “Red Tape”.


Giant bottles of tacky glue when you want something to really stick such as collages on journal covers or chunky things like chip board.


Dots of glue on paper, because we have the technology for dots of glue on paper!

And last but not least, washi tape.  Glorious washi tape.  The most beloved stash.  Washi tape at it’s most basic is a sticky backed paper on a roll that is easy to rip.  But really, washi is this magical item that can turn any project from “meh” to “marvelous” in a snap.  Seriously, I am not the only one in love with this adhesive — Youtube is full of videos on washi stashes and how to organize and store these beautiful rolls of delight.

Without my adhesives, what would I be?  Lost in a vast desert of paper with no where to turn?  An office manager stuck stacking and re-stacking sheaves of patterned paper? Perhaps a builder of precarious paper towers (wait, that sounds kinda good) . . .


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