Inventory Day

100_2718My first craft fair of the season is this Sunday.  I’m gonna be pretty busy right up until then with work stuff, (and a super fun trip to visit a friend for lunch) so today was the day. I pulled all my boxes and crates out of storage, laid all the merch out on the dining room table, and got to counting.

Because I tend to sneak into my stash throughout the year for gifts, I really have no idea how much of what products I have on hand.  I can also let things get a little crazy, organizationally speaking, so inventory day starts out as a giant game of concentration, matching like with like.


After counting, sorting, and packing everything back up, I update my inventory with my new counts and add new items to the list.  New items mean figuring out costs and pricing and finally, updating and printing new price lists for my table.  How is it that editing my Excel price list was the hardest part of the day?  I swear, the database gremlins were dialed in today, but eventually, I prevailed.

This year, I’m pulling the plug on some items; can you say, Clearance Sale?  It’s been hard to see them languishing on the table, not able to find a new home.  It’s time to put them out of their misery.  These cards and notebooks are still cute, but just don’t represent me anymore — I’ve grown y’all!

So, if you happen to be in my neighborhood this Sunday, come look me up at the Orange, NH Harvest Festival, 10:00 am — 3:00 pm.  I’ll have a great mix of cards, notebooks, wooden books, garlands, and more; all made by hand, by me!   There will also be live music, other vendors, and delicious soups and stews to help you get your Autumn on!




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