Some times you have to make a mess

My big plan today was to make twenty birthday cards to boost up my craft fair stock.  I had the blanks (the folded card with a basic colored card stock affixed to the front) already to go, and I thought I knew what I was going to do.

That was my first mistake.  Planning ahead to be creative doesn’t often work for me, but you know what does?  Taking out ALL MY JUNK!


My second mistake was choosing to use a matching stamp set and patterned paper collection.  This should save time.  This should make creating cards easier.  This should make the cards look more put together.  It may do all those things; for someone else. But matchy matchy is just not me, it can freak me out.  Which is what was starting to happen today.

I’m not going to get twenty cards done today (honestly, that’s just crazy), and it won’t be fun cleaning all this up, but I will be creative, and I will end up with birthday cards that scream — hey, Amy made that!  And that’s the point, right?

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