Clean up can also be art

One of the tools I take advantage of when using my Gelli plate is a brayer.  Brayers make it easy to get a nice even coat of paint on your surface.  After applying paint with a brayer, you need to clean it off before moving on to your next color.  The easiest way to do that is by rolling off onto a scrap of paper, or in this case, onto a page in my Dylusions art journal.  Then, when the muse moves you, you can turn your waste into a cool image, or whatever you want.

Since I’m still new to all this, I didn’t take into account the drying time I might need in my art journal before packing up for the day.   So, long story short, when I wanted to open my journal to see how it looked, my pages were painted together (sad face) and I thought ruined.  But . . .


I got these fantastic maps of worlds as of yet explored!  When I peeled the pages apart, some of the paper stuck to itself and ripped/left a layer of paper on the other page.  After booing and hooing a little for wrecking a (scrap) page, I decided to take a fine point black pen and trace every white space.  Isn’t it outstanding?  I plan on wrecking many more pages in the days and weeks to come.


Thora is ready to pack a bag and board my sloop, mission: high adventure on a fictitious sea!  What art “mistakes” have you made that have sent you off on a new adventure?

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